Microsoft Live@Edu Program

Microsoft Live@Edu program gives solution for academic institution which want to have facility for the students without worrying about maintaining the infrastructure. The program is used to give the students, a facility which can be used to mail, collaborate, and communicate. As I prepared this program for my institution, here I write the program description. The characteristic of the program are Apps student want, Work with what we have, Reliable infrastructure, and Safety and privacy.

Apps Student Want
1. Email
Windows Live Hotmail
The world’s most-used webmail service gives students what they need.

· 5 GB inbox, 10 MB attachments
· Spam and virus filtering
· Interface that’s more like Outlook
· Forwarding, POP3 and Outlook Connector for access on a mobile phone or desktop client
· Shared calendars
· Folders to organize email

Microsoft Exchange Labs
Give students the full Exchange experience. Same benefits as Hotmail, plus:
· Optimized Outlook experience
· Calendar and contacts integration with faculty/staff on Exchange

Office Live Workspace
Help students collaborate on familiar Microsoft Office documents.

· Password-protected online storage for 1,000+ documents
· Extension of Microsoft Office
· No more flash drives or sending documents to yourself as e-mail attachments
· Collaborate with others, even if they don’t have Office

Windows Live SkyDrive beta
Lets students store documents online so they can access them from any computer and share with others.
· 1 GB password-protected online storage
· Create private, shared, and public folders
· Store your documents online and access from other computers

Microsoft SharedView beta
Share your desktop with up to 15 other users.
· Give a presentation
· Share control with other students to edit a document together in real time

Windows Live Spaces
Let students set up a space for group projects, campus clubs, or personal pages.
· Link to documents stored on your SkyDrive
· Share your space with the world or with those you select from your contact list
· Create blogs
· Group discussions

Windows Live Messenger
The world’s #1 IM client lets students do more than just chat

· Group chat with up to 15 others
· Search Encarta Online
· Using Sharing Folders, share documents too large to send as attachments
· Send SMS message from Messenger interfaceMobile Live@edu services are accessible via mobile phones.

· Windows Live Spaces, Hotmail, Messenger are WAP-enabled
· Receive e-mail on mobile phone through POP3
· Windows Live for Mobile allows push e-mail to Nokia and Windows Mobile phones

Windows Live Alerts
Students can receive SMS alerts on their mobile phone.
· E-mail, IM, and mobile alerts – students choose which
· Campus announcement alerts
· General info alerts – breaking news, weather info, sports scores and more
· Custom alerts to select members of the campus community

Works with What You Have
Live@edu works with the investments you and your students have already made, including:

Operating Systems
Live@edu is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux machines as well as IE 5.0+ and 6+, Firefox 1.5+ and Safari 2.0 (Safari does not suport JavaScript).

Student Directories
Your IT department can create, edit, delete and suspend email accounts just as you do today. In the last two years, we have not found a student directory we could not integrate with. Some of the directories include:

· Active Directory
· Exchange Server 5.5
· Extensible Connectivity
· IMB DB2 Universal Database
· LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)
· Lotus Notes
· Novell eDirectory 8.6.2 and 8.6
· Oracle Database 8s or 9i
· SQL Server 7 or 2000
· Sun and Netscape Directory Servers

Global Address and Distribution Lists
Universities that use Exchange for faculty and staff can store their students in Active Directory, enabling GAL lookups and distribution lists, even though the student has a Hotmail inbox. If you use other GAL or distribution list software (e.g., MailMan, etc.) you can manage your users and lists even though students have a Hotmail inbox.

Student Portals
Our single sign-on API works with existing credentials such as Active Directory Federation Services, WS Federation and SOAP API to allow universities to integrate Live@edu services, allowing students to sign in once to the portal and go directly into their Hotmail inbox . Many universities have created custom portals where a student can select their own username and password. Schools have also integrated Live@edu into the registration process, automatically creating accounts for new students.

Custom Application Pages
Live@edu provides a complete set of APIs that allow campuses to put together custom pages for students, alumni and staff with different combinations of the applications each group uses the most.

Campus Calendars
With iCal support, schools can allow students to subscribe to an institution’s master calendar, allow institutions to send class schedules as recurring meeting invites and have accepted invitations populate Hotmail calendars, and allow faculty to send meeting invites.

Email Clients
Live@edu can be accessed through Microsoft Outlook, using Outlook Connector, or through a POP-enabled client like Eudora or Thunderbird, as well as a POP-enabled mobile client.

Microsoft Software
Students who use Microsoft Office to complete school assignments can collaborate on these documents through Office Live Workspace and Windows Live SkyDrive. We will continue to extend the software that is supported by our Web services.

Reliable Infrastructure
Student and alumni email is routed to Microsoft’s servers, taking email traffic off your servers and outsourcing the maintenance, effort and cost, and giving you back time for more strategic projects. In addition, you can take advantage of the following Microsoft technology:

Reliable spam-blocking
Windows Live Hotmail blocks more than 95% of all spam and 99% of image-based spam. While spam traffic is up 40%, spam in the Hotmail inbox is down 80% over the past year. This approach is based on proprietary technologies like SmartScreen, which learns from user feedback and Sender ID Framework, which protects against spoofing by confirming the sender’s IP address against their stated email address.
View Video (37.5mb)
Reliable Disaster Recovery
Hotmail has 99.9% target uptime, and you can still send and receive messages if the inbox data is not accessible, and data are backed up so that corrupted inboxes can be brought back online quickly. We follow common Microsoft practices for security, including security testing, third-party penetration testing, and we only allow select personnel with approved clearance to have access to the servers.

Reliable Deliverability
Typically, the tighter your spam filters, the more legitimate email you also block. But Live@edu offers both great spam-fighting as well as reliable email delivery. That’s because we safe-list your institution’s IP addresses, so email from your servers is trusted and goes directly into the student’s inbox. Also, email sent from students to other students and faculty in their domain is trusted, and is not stopped by spam filters.

Reliable Tech Support
Premier Online support is included free with Live @ edu, including 24x7x365 phone support for critical issues and Web-based support for non-critical issues.

Safety and Privacy
t’s important to help keep your students safe online and protect the privacy of their communications. Here’s how Live@edu helps keep your students safe online:

Email Safety

· Safety bar indentifies suspicious e-mail
· Personal “safelist” and “blocklist” to manage email from individuals
· Anti-phishing technologies
· Images are surpressed by default, helping protect students
· SSL-encrypted authentication
· SMIME, digital signature and message encryption supported
Privacy Policies

· Not required to provide any personal information to use a Hotmail inbox
· Email content protection under the Electronic Communications Act and Privacy Act, which considers it confidential information owned by the account holder
· Protection of personal information by Microsoft’s Privacy Policy

Marketing Policies

· No sharing or sales of users’ personal information with third parties, nor internally within Microsoft unless student explicitly opts in
· No scanning of e-mail content for ads
· No behavioral targeting of ads
· No commercial tagline attached to the bottom of emails
· Family-safe banner ads in alumni Hotmail UI Advertising guidelines


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